Network Management Services

Network Management Services

SMS offers Remote Managed Services (RMS) to help the enterprise streamline the task of network management to maximize the value of underlying technology infrastructure. RMS provides end-to-end, remote network management, NOC, monitoring and incident-notification for all areas of the enterprise communications and data network. This includes routers, switches, servers, applications and wireless devices—whether they are in a single location or distributed across the country. SMS’s remote services provide flexibility in the degree of monitoring as per the customer requirements.


Network availability is a critical component to the success of any business and is even more essential for small businesses. However, many small businesses lack the IT sophistication and proper tools to do it themselves. SMS’s NMS provide a valuable set of services to customers though their in-house expertise to effectively and transparently monitor customers’ networks. Through remote monitoring and management platforms and desktop management tools, SMS’s Network managed services can work behind the scenes and keep networks running with little or no customer visibility.

To increase their perceived value to customers, SMS’s NMS model can:

  • Maintain or increase service levels
  • Build the role of trusted advisor to your customers
  • Assist with planning customer IT investments
  • Differentiate your managed services offering

By incorporating the strongest network management solution into their service offerings, MSPs can achieve both their business objectives and demonstrate their continued value to customers.

In addition to pro-active monitoring of their customer networks/servers, SMS can provides built-in reporting that demonstrates the performance of a customers’ IT infrastructure from a business perspective; including SLA levels, critical systems and of course the physical network. MSPs can leverage comprehensive reporting capabilities to create reports that depict the impact their services has on their customer’s critical business infrastructure.

Network Management Challenge SMS’s NMS Model
Providing excellent service to clients We can provides immediate alerts with any kinds of severity issues
Managing client networks simultaneously SMS network operations center (NOC), outfitted with a dashboard display that clearly maps out the network monitoring of each and every client.
Increased profitability SMS’s NMS Model can offers exceptional value and comprehensive capabilities without an inflated price.
Ensuring secure, efficient connections
Ensuring secure, efficient connections Connections between locations can be made over VPNs where they exist, or through an innovative technology exclusive to Ipswitch.
Ensuring application performance and availability MS Model  lets you connect all application dependencies to aid rapid resolution of issues when service slowdowns affect user