Corporate consulting

Corporate consulting

SMS’s CCS policy (Corporate Consulting Services) is predominant in customer satisfaction, IT infrastructure support etc. For over 8 years, SMS has been providing its clients with creative services in order to balance IT and financial needs. Whether we are navigating the complex healthcare landscape or deploying new client applications, our objective is the same – to facilitate the best and most cost-effective solutions for our clients so they can focus on their business.

Our success comes from a dedicated team of professionals providing unparalleled customer service – we get to know you and your business to develop strategies that are mindful of financial objectives and the needs of employees.

Today corporates are intensifying their IT penetration across the organization irrespective of location, time zone etc. globally. IT has become “critical” business enabling component through various ways. In such federated approach the data integrity and common process can be used across the globe using Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  In order to meet the growing ICT needs of the organization and also to maintain and manage the ICT infrastructure and applications, Corporate organizations are intended to introduce and implement the processes that provide structure to accomplish Business and IT Alignment;

The focus areas

SMS’s team in discussion with customer team, identifies the key focus areas that are to be assessed as part of this journey.


IT Service Management frame work to be developed according to customer IT strategy, goals and objectives.  Implement a measurable IT Service Management system that incorporates the processes and continuous improvement lifecycle.

Service Architecture and Strategy

To identify and describe all the building blocks of IT service architecture.  Identify the relationships, measurement methodologies, metrics, and processes applicable and mapping the processes to other certifications


Evaluate the processes that are in place and being practiced.  Evaluate the relationship between the processes, maturity level, repeatable consistent output of processes, and maturity model


Tools used to deliver the service and its adherence and configurations in line with the processes and procedures.  The capability to generate metrics and utilization reports, dashboards, balance score card etc.


Applying new lenses, tools, and frameworks from the emerging frontiers of strategy to help clients enhance their advantage today. Examples include intellectual property, network analysis, and simulation.