Desktop Management

Desktop Management Services

A robust desktop management service is needed to maintain the productivity of business users, by reducing downtime of the desktops and laptops.Our Desktop Management services cover the entire ‘life cycle’ of desktop environments, from deploying the desktops and software, to running the network and supporting the users.

Desktop Management Services equip users with service delivery that improves end-user productivity and ushers in the much-needed computing power to an organization. Our services offer end-to-end enablement of desktops, operating systems, employee productivity applications, business software, hard asset management and compliance checks.

We can also help you manage your hardware assets, technology refresh programs and routine provisioning tasks that can ease the load of your in-house team, and help you focus on strategic initiatives.


  • Reduction in operational costs.
  • Optimized IT Infrastructure for higher availability, adaptability, performance and security.
  • Minimized downtime and improved productivity.
  • Maximize ROI by capitalizing on existing IT infrastructure investment.
  • Single point of accountability across all geographies
  • Dedicated and experience team to manage complex server environment leaving your strategic resources free for core tasks.
  • On-demand customer service.
  • Minimize downtime and cycle-time of deploying new applications and servers.
  • More accountability, agility and better return on IT.

Virtual Desktop Services

Dynamic Desktop is a virtual desktop service that gives you all the security and efficiency benefits of thin-client computing. Users get the rich, personalized desktop environments they expect, and the ability to work connected from wherever they need.

Flexibility, Security, Green Computing

With SMS Dynamic Desktop your organization can leverage the flexibility, security and eco-friendliness that a centrally managed data center can provide.

Greater flexibility

More easily meet the needs of geographically dispersed users through rapid deployment of new desktops, applications and system upgrades without touching end user devices.

Stronger security

Manage the security, regulatory compliance, business continuity, disaster recovery, and information governance from a central location as opposed to hundreds or even thousands of end user devices.

Greener computing

With processing transferred to the data center, you can reduce power use through efficient data center design and extend the life of existing computers.

Virtual Desktop Transformation

We work closely with Global Alliance Partners Citrix, Microsoft and NetApp to provide SMS Dynamic Desktop. This managed service lets you deploy virtual desktops alongside traditional desktops to users across your enterprise – rapidly, securely and cost-effectively.

These highly flexible personal desktop environments are accessible from anywhere. Your users work through a display and appliance to use their PC that now resides in a protected and managed data center environment.