Open Source Solutions

Making the right Open Source Software choices

With the open stack becoming more popular and Open Source Software (OSS) is now becoming a norm in Business, as many organizations are using it in their back offices alongside more standard proprietary software. Ensuring effective control and management of the OSS landscape along with a perfect blending is an essential requirement for today’s IT function and is an area in which SMS excels.

SMS have extensive expertise in OSS solutions and our overall philosophy is to use the best component at the best price, we build blended solutions (from open source to full open source depending on the customer) depending on  the client context & environment and the maturity & ability of existing Open Source components. We are thus able to integrate smoothly open source components into an existing system and make it runs successfully.

Our understanding of the power of open source led to us taking an early decision to extend the more typical use of OSS from non-critical systems to critical systems. Development and integration of solutions ranging from the simple application server to service oriented architecture.

  • Migration from existing technologies to open source, with application servers, database, desktop environments etc
  • Supporting open source components, integrated (or not) with proprietary components
  • Technical and organizational consulting ranging from architecture, such as enterprise architecture, to technical audits, such as performance or architectural design.


You can depend on our proven and comprehensive OSS expertise to help you derive maximum impact from your OSS and ensure the right solution is in place to meet specific business needs.