IT Predictions 2014 and Beyond

IT Predictions 2014 and Beyond

sap_hana_speed-300x225In today’s IT world, innovation moves at a breakneck speed. IT pros know only too well that resting on their laurels is a recipe for disaster.

More than any other large software vendor, SAP has been innovating to beat the band. And we’re not talking about minor tweaks to staid products. SAP’s ‘intellectual’ renewal, sparked by HANA but permeating every aspect of the company’s product portfolio, has been in full swing for several years now, and its pace of innovation shows no signs of slowing — from in-memory technology, to Cloud delivery to advanced analytics/BI to its tenacious grasp on a ‘mobility first’ strategy, SAP is leading the way in the rapid evolution of enterprise technology.

From the core to the edge and all points in between, SAP is driving tectonic business transformation and driving measurable and meaningful real-world results. Perhaps more than ever before, SAP consultants are challenged with keeping abreast of the very latest technological developments — and more critically, helping SAP customers understand what this tsunami in product advances means to them now and down the road. So what will be the top IT trends in 2014 and beyond?

To help SAP consultants stay on top of their game (and earning potential), we’ve pulled together a roundup of the latest pundit predictions: