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ID 1482 Title Unix Administrator (SMSUA16)
Id SMS0050
Start Date 2017-05-17
End Date 2018-01-30
Location Multiple Locations in US
Job Information

Server Management Services LLC seeks Unix Administrator (SMSUA16) with Master’s only/Bachelors+5 years exp/equiv. Provide system support for servers of SUSE Linux and Redhat Linux. Mail resumes to: HR, 5525 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 655, Irving, TX 75038.
Travel to unanticipated work sites throughout U.S. Foreign equiv. accepted

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ID 1496 Title Software Developer /Systems Software
Id SMS0051
Start Date 2018-03-28
End Date 2019-06-30
Location Multiple Locations in US
Job Information

Server Management Services LLC is looking for skilled Software Developer / Systems Software with UNIX/ Networking/Automation skillset to join a team with a client. This would be an excellent opportunity to work with highly skilled set of people to join and take the skill set to next level. The main agenda of the team is to automate various manual tasks and to standardize setup new clients to backup environment

The person would need to interface and assist various development teams to gather infrastructure and middleware requirements in the Architecture meetings, design and deploy various business solutions that utilize the middleware platforms that are resilient, upgradeable and cost effective in support of critical and complex solutions. Coordinate with product vendor (Veritas, EMC, VMWare and NetApp) to identify and resolve the root cause for critical issues. person must actively participate on weekly/Daily SCRUM calls and team meeting to provide updates of progress

Skills: System programming with C/C++ using Visual Studio, PowerShell scripting, Database queries using Query Scripting Programing Language, GIT Version Control, Knowledge of NetBackup Appliance Scheduler and DB Metadata, hands on knowledge of ServiceNow.

Required Technical Skills:

· Maintains and monitors NetBackup servers and virtual or physical enterprise IBM automated tape libraries for major Global Retailer Company.

· Plans, schedules and performs proactive maintenance, including hardware and software upgrades and patch installation on Windows and UNIX platforms.

· Performs backup environment system tuning including monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing performance. Performs daily routine maintenance, i.e. review NetBackup Advance reporting,

· Perform NetBackup database maintenance, perform storage pool maintenance, and on-site and off-site tape management. Assists in determining workload balancing.

· Oversees resolution of backup/recovery service disruptions and implementation of preventative measures.

· Analyzes and solves complex problems of network (operating) system hardware and software components.

· Ensures regular reporting to management regarding performance and service levels of NetBackup systems, to inform responsible management about major deviations and/or corrective actions.

· Provides guidance and direction to lower-level System Administrators.

· Maintains close relations with local management staff to ensure the local business processes are continuously and adequately being supported and developed by IT.

· Performs continuous research and audits to ensure continuous and high levels of performance, security and availability of network and operating systems and peripheral devices.

Required Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer science.
Excellent conceptual and analytical skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Able to produce technical documentation and network architecture diagrams
Ability to work on a team or independently in a fast-paced dynamic environment
Willing to write detailed documentation and adhere to corporate standards/change management policies

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ID 1521 Title Systems Engineer
Start Date 2019-12-28
Location 2502 SW Technology Circle, Bentonville, AR, 72712
Job Information


Master’s in Computer/ Information sciences or Bachelors with 2+ yrs of exp.


  • Installing and Configuring Windows server hardware and software, to include physical and virtual servers, Windows Server, Active Directory, IIS, VMware ESX, Virtual Center and VMotion
  • Troubleshoots Windows and ESX server and OS issues. Independently utilizes all available resources (knowledge bases, online resources, etc.) to ensure timely resolution of server issues
  • Develops operating procedures for system administration activities including system monitoring, performance tuning, backup/recovery, server architecture design and system maintenance
  • Executes a planned program of virus updates, patch and service pack management, including testing, deployment staging, and documentation. Install, maintain and manage Windows SUS, and other servers for automated updates
  • Performs regular system maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, physical to virtual migrations and performance tuning
  • Discuss with Network Engineers, Storage Engineers, Database Administrators and Application Teams to optimize systems use and configuration
  • Provides server hardware capacity recommendations. Provide analysis, installation support for new applications and software releases
  • Interfaces with hardware vendors to maintain and schedule repair of equipment in a timely manner
  • Research and recommend innovative, and where possible automated approaches for system administration tasks. Identify approaches that leverage our resources and provide economies of scale
  • Install new/rebuild existing servers and design equipment, peripherals, administrations, settings, registries, stockpiling, and so forth as per models and undertaking/operational prerequisites
  • Introduce and arrange frameworks, for example, underpin GLS foundation applications or Asset Management applications
  • Create and keep up establishment and design systems. Add to and keep up framework gauges
  • Research and prescribe creative, and where conceivable computerized approaches for framework organization assignments. Recognize approaches that use our assets and give economies of scale.
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ID 1519 Title Systems Engineer
Job Information


6 months of exp. in Linux Servers, VMWare ESXi, SAN/NAS Migration, and security.

Job Location : Irving, TX.   Available for employment at various locations in US.

Send resume to Server Management Services,

5525 N MacArthur Blvd,

#655, Irving, TX 75038

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ID 2333 Title IT Project Manager
End Date 2022-08-29
Job Information

IT Project Manager
MSCS or CA. 2yrs exp. in managing the development of cloud-based applications. Exp. to include Azure, APIs, Web Services, ASP.NET, and Angular JS. Job Location: Irving, TX. Available for employment at various client-sites in US. Send Resume to Server Management Services,
5525 N MacArthur Blvd #655, Irving, TX 75038

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ID 1517 Title UNIX Systems Admin
Location Irving, TX.
Job Information

MS+2 or BS+5 (CS, Business or a rel’d)

Exp. must include in systems adm, working in Redhat, VMWare, AIX LPAR, and ESX environments.  Job Loc:

Irving, TX.  Available for employment

at various clientsites in US.


Send resume to

[email protected]

or mail at

Server Management Services

5525 N MacArthur Blvd, #655, Irving, TX 75038

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ID 1514 Title Infrastructure Engineer
Job Information

MSCS/EE. 2 yrs exp. in Cloud Automation

Required Technical Skills:

Redhat EL, VMware, Windows

Servers, DNS and DHCP.

Job Location: Irving, TX.

Available for employment at various client sites in US.

Send resume to Server Management

5525 N MacArthur Blvd, 655, Irving, TX 75038.

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ID 1504 Title Infrastructure Engineer (SMSIE18)
Job Information

Server Management Services LLC seeks Master’s only/equiv.: Infrastructure Engineer (SMSIE18): 

Required Technical Skills:

Design, Installation, configuration, implementation, administration, monitoring and maintenance of Servers, Storage, and Backups.

Mail resume with job ID to HR: 5525 N. Macarthur Blvd., Suite # 655, Irving TX 75038. Travel to unanticipated work sites throughout U.S. Foreign equiv. accepted.


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ID 1468 Title Multiple Openings
Id SMS0049
Start Date 2016-06-07
End Date 2017-01-31
Location Multiple Locations in US
Job Information

Server Management Services LLC has multiple openings for the following positions:

Masters Only/Bachelors + 5 yr exp: Linux System Administrator (SMSLSA16) Validate newly provisioned Linux machines to make sure they are ready for production. SQL Server DBA (SMSSQL16) Responsible for DBA support and SQL development.

Mail resumes w/Job ID to: HR, 5525 N. MacArthur Blvd, Ste 655, Irving, TX 75038. Loc. Travel to unanticipated work sites throughout U.S. Foreign equiv. accepted.

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ID 1515 Title Senior Websphere Engineer
Job Information
  • Bachelors, 5+ years of experience in Architect and design, high availability concepts, load balancers, cluster, networking, operating system concepts, databases, continuous integration, and firewalls.
  • Create enterprise projects that utilize middleware platforms and ensure the support teams have adequate information and knowledge to maintain the environment.
  • Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures to protect data, software, and hardware.
  • Design, configure, and test computer hardware, networking software and operating system software.
  • Design, install, and support an organization’s computer systems and are responsible for LANs, WANs, network segments, and Internet and intranet systems.
  • Develop middleware technologies as a service capability for applications and Middleware technologies include but are not limited to WebSphere, WebServer, MQ, Apache, Tomcat and J2EE.

Job Location: Irving, TX.

Available for employment at various client sites in US.

Send resume to Server Management

5525 N MacArthur Blvd, 655, Irving, TX 75038.

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